The RISE Foundation is a registered charity founded by Frances Black in 2009, focussed on family members of those with addictive behaviour (alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or sex addiction).  At RISE (Recovery In a Safe Environment), we are dedicated to working towards helping family members to free themselves from the stress,anxiety and worry of having a loved one with addictive behavior and to understand the nature of addiction and the profound effects it has on relationships.

Our Vision

To free Ireland through cultural change from its unhealthy relationship
with Alcohol and other Drugs

Our Mission

To support families impacted by a loved ones addictive behavior through awareness, education and therapy, and to combat the associated shame and stigma.

Our Aims

  • Educate families about addiction and addictive behavior
  • Support families in their own recovery
  • Break the cycle of addiction by helping the family member to care for themself.
  • Help the family member to emerge from their powerlessness with strength and courage
  • Raise awareness about the impact of addiction on families
  • We help families understand the nature of addiction and teach self-help mechanisms to those who are impacted by a loved one's addictive behavior.